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Customer Service - SkyWest Broadband's expert staff will be there to assist you.  Customer service is as important to us as it is to you, and it shows in everything we do.






Performance -  SkyWest Broadband's high-speed internet access offers better performance for a wide variety of today's interactive internet applications.






Hassle Free Installation -  SkyWest Broadband professionally installs service for every valued customer, we do not send you equipment in the mail and expect you to do all the work.  The only thing you have to do is place your order and we will handle the rest.

Dedicated Internet Network -  The SkyWest Broadband network is designed exclusively for high-speed internet, not television programming or telephone service like Satellite, cable or DSL.

Wireless Last Mile -  SkyWest Broadband is delivered to your home or business without wires or a satellite dish, so there's no phone line, cable TV hook-up, or satellite dish required, just a small outdoor antenna.

Fast Download AND Upload Speeds

 Standard Ethernet Connection -  SkyWest Broadband provides a standard  ethernet cable interface for your computer, which means it is fully compatible with Wireless and wired routers, hubs and switches.

Compatibility -  There is no special software required to use our service, so you can use virtually any internet enabled device, including PC's, Mac's, game consoles, VOIP devices, streaming internet audio devices, etc.

Suburban and Rural Availability -  SkyWest Broadband is designed to be economically viable in less densely populated areas than DSL or cable.  This means that in many cases SkyWest Broadband service is available where other broadband services are not.










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