In general, we serve South Grass Valley, North Auburn, South Colfax, Weimar, Meadow Vista, Christian Valley, Winchester and 

Lake of the Pines

We currently serve areas along Lime Kiln, McCourntney, Wolf Rd., and in south Alta Sierra, Golden Oaks, the Cottage Hill area off Running M, Lake of the Pines and the Ranchos. We also serve areas off of Magnolia such as W. Hacienda, E. Hacienda, and the Sierra Knolls community.  Also Along Dogbar and Placer Hills Rd, in Eden Valley, Coyote Hill, Meadow Vista, Wiemar and in The Winchester Country Club.


We also serve Auburn, on both sides of Hwy. 49 from about Atwood north, including commercial and residential areas along Bell Rd., Dry Creek, the airport area, and Christian Valley.


If you can see Howell or Wolf Mountain, the water tanks in Winchester, the top of the hill on Wayfarer in Lake of the Pines or the ridges above Hwy. 80 near Wiemar Cross Rd.,
there is a good chance you can receive our service.
If you are not sure, call us and we can, at no obligation,
verify if you are within the range of our service.
We will also advise you, if you are not in the coverage area,
when your area is most likely to have the coverage.

Our service area is constantly growing, so the best idea is to call us if you are interested in finding out if we can serve your location.  


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